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AMRUTHAGHADIYA is the most powerful technique in the world to harness the power of Subconscious mind to achieve any goal. It is a simple procedure that can be practiced by anyone who wants to achieve a goal.

A specially designed bell molded to perfection, Amruthaghadiya rings out a very celestial sound with vibrations that touch the mind directly. The resonance of the bell is similar to the sound of OM, creating a unity in the left & right parts of the brain. This results in emptying of the brain from all negative thoughts and enters a state to be receptive.

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Yoga is not a religion. It is cut out for people who want to live extraordinary lives. Its dynamic practice opens up a world of opportunities and empowers you with the strength to make them happen.

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A merchant was traveling on his camel to sell his products in the town which is on the other side of the desert. It was late evening and he decides to stop there to have his dinner and take rest for the night.

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The four important pillars for communicating with your subconscious mind are: Feelings (b) Emotion (c) Imagination (d) Faith / Belief.The five important ingredients to remember while

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  • Dear Mr.Venugopal,

    When you start teaching me about Amruthaghadiya I have completely trusted and started practicing it. It gave me a success twice in my exams. After practicing Amruthaghadiya I trust my confidence level has grown up and my fear got decreased. Now I am started practicing for my project work, I am sure I will successfully complete with my hard work and Amruthaghadiya and with blessing of GOD.

    Nirmal Kumar
  • Dear Venu,

    Thanks for a wonderful Opportunity of giving me a chance to attend a Program On how to utilize our Sub conscious mind power through using Amruthaghadiya to achieve our desired goals. I am sure this is a Golden opportunity to every one in their life time to release their full potential.

    I also take this opportunity to express that this is one of the rarest of the rarest golden opportunities for one and all for realizing their inner strength, and know their real Potential.

    Best regards, Ram,Chennai
  • Dear Mr.Venugopal,

    I am pleased to inform you that after undergoing the training and starting the practice of Amruthaghadiya, I have started to feel a lot of peace of mind and a renewed vigor to achieve my goal. I have suggested Amruthaghadiya to my friends and many of them have started practicing it. Thanks very much for bringing in lots of changes in my life.

    Regards,  Hariharan, Coimbatore

    Regards, Hariharan, Coimbatore